The Anti-Tourist: Part 2 of Eating and drinking like a local in Bryson City

We thought it would be a good idea to write a series on how to “not be mistaken for a tourist” in Bryson City! So here were going to explore the world of dining and how to look and order like a local.

There are several outstanding restaurants in Bryson City and a few places you may overlook if not pointed in the right direction. Most have a specialty dish of some type and generally you will find Rainbow Trout prepared in a variety of ways on most menus.

The Lunch Decision

The are several delicious options for lunch in Bryson City. From Italian to home cooking can be found easily and a couple of specialty places that offer some great options.

Filling station deli. Everett street, Bryson city, north carolina

The best specialty sandwiches in town and homemade sweets

Located on Everett street “The Filling Station” is just awesome! They make great sandwiches and subs and their soups are all homemade daily. You have to try the Big Chief or their High Octane sandwiches. Really great. They also have a frozen ice cream sandwich. They take their homemade cookies and put soft serve ice cream in between. mmmmmm. Good stuff.

pasta from pasqualino's italian restaurant.

Superb Pasta dishes at Pasqualino’s Italian Restaurant

On the corner of Everett and Main streets Pasqualino’s Italian Restaurant is another local favorite. You have to try the bread and dip it into the seasoned oil. They always have this on the table and it’s always great. Good steaks and pizza but if your a Lasagna fan their meaty version is superb. Nice selection of sandwiches and tasty desserts. Try the French Silk Pie! Good selection of wines and beers. Located in one of the older buildings in town the inside is lowly lit and has this laid back atmosphere. Great for couples or families. This place gets pretty busy so reservations are a good idea.

gourmet hamburge from jimmy mac's restaurant in bryson city, north carolina

Incredible combination of burgers and flavors at Jimmy Mac’s

If your in the burger mood but want something just a little more than your plain jane burger, Jimmy Mac’s is located on Main street next door to Ace Hardware and directly across the street from the old theater. I am not sure of how many different combinations of burgers they have but it’s a lot. Like 75 or something. Overwhelming number of possibilities so just take a chance with the ingredients you like. They also have a full menu with steaks and seafood but the burgers are their specialty. This place gets really busy at lunch and dinner so arrive early or be prepared to wait in line outside. Reasonably priced but limited seating.

na-ber's drive in Bryson city, North Carolina

Just like in days past Na-Ber’s Drive In still has old fashioned car hops

When you just want to eat in the car: Na-ber’s Drive In Restaurant

To really blend in and look like a local, you have to try Na-ber’s Drive in restaurant. This place has been a local go-to spot since the 1960’s. They have inside dining but the curb service is the way to go. Nothing like sitting in the car and having a hamburger, onion rings and chocolate milkshake. They have a nice variety of items but nothing beats the hot dogs with chili. Don’t expect the gourmet burgers of other places in town. That’s not Na-ber’s. What you can expect is good food, quick service and super reasonable prices. Located just off of Hwy 19 N between Bryson City and Cherokee, North Carolina

There are many more fine places around Bryson City to eat and we will try and cover them all soon. If you are a guest at Rock Creek Cabins we provide a hand-book on what to do, where to eat and things to see that most people never notice without them be pointed out.

There’s lots of good food here… Get out and eat!